Our company is based in Lerwick in the Shetland Islands. We believe it is our aim to be the most innovative spirits company in the world through different actions such as:

– attracting new drinkers through our great products and brands which are being loved across other countries as well
– we are working on growing, improving and developing the first whiskey distillery in Shetland, which also represents the last region of Scotland that does not have one

– we use local ingredients in creating our spirits; we also work 100% with local people in crafting the drinks, such as milking the cow, getting the right botanicals


About Shetland
In regards to the Shetland Islands, geographically they are in the far North of Scotland, right close to Norway’s cost.
It’s true that this region has an ancient Viking past that we are much proud of. In the past, the islands were settled by the Norse Vikings. Today, they are part of Scotland.
Even though the islands are quite far, they do have a touch and association of modernity, purity, and quality in all areas. The islands themselves represent a story of the past and present, while its people are truly a mix of Scandinavia and Scotland backgrounds.
The Shetland Islands are well know for the pure water, local products and also very famous ponies.

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